Parts - Results by Source Vehicle
Stock X-199
Year 2016
Model MAZDA 6
VIN JM1GJ************
Body Type 4DR
Mileage 37000

Part Description Price
A/C Blower Motor50.00
A/C Compressor2.5L AT75.00
A/C Condenser100.00
A/C SelectorLH Master40.00
Body Complete Frame OffSILVER/BLACK/2.5L/AT/SPORT/4DR/37KN/A
Brake ABS Power Booster50.00
Brake CaliperLH OEM Part Number: GHY93399Z Fits 201535.00
Brake CaliperRH OEM Part Number: GHY93398Z Fits 201535.00
Brake CaliperLH35.00
Brake CaliperRH35.00
Brake Master Cylinder35.00
Cooling Fan Motor100.00
Cooling Radiator75.00
Cooling Radiator Overflow Bottle25.00
Electrical Alternator50.00
Electrical Starter Motor50.00
Engine Air Flow Meter35.00
Engine Complete2.5L AT750.00
Engine Ignition Computer2.5L AT75.00
Front Door Outside MirrorLH Silver Paint Code: 45P100.00
Front Door Window Regulator, LeftLH50.00
Front Door Window Regulator, RightRH50.00
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), LeftLH OEM Part Number: FTB62560X Fits 201550.00
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), RightRH OEM Part Number: FTB62550X Fits 201550.00
Front Suspension Control Arm Lower, LeftLH OEM Part Number: GHP934350M Fits 20165.00
Front Suspension Control Arm Lower, RightRH OEM Part Number: GHP934300M Fits 20165.00
Front Suspension SpindleLH OEM Part Number: GHP933031A Fits 20165.00
Front Suspension SpindleRH OEM Part Number: GHP933021A Fits 20165.00
Front Suspension StrutLH OEM Part Number: GMN434900 Fits 201675.00
Front Suspension StrutRH OEM Part Number: GMN434700 Fits 201675.00
Fuel Tank75.00
Fuel Tank Pump65.00
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head36,73650.00
Instrument Panel Temperature Control50.00
Misc ABS Brake PartsOEM Part Number: GMY4437A0D 2016 Only75.00
Rear Axle StubLH OEM Part Number: GHR12612XB Fits 20175.00
Rear Axle StubRH OEM Part Number: GHP92611XD Fits 20175.00
Rear Door GlassLH50.00
Rear Door Vent GlassLH50.00
Rear Door Window RegulatorLH50.00
Rear Door Window RegulatorRH50.00
Steering ColumnOEM Part Number: GJR932100M Fits 2015-275.00
Steering Gear or Rack and Pinion(POWER)Rack and Pin OEM Part Number: GJN/A
Suspension Coil Spring40.00
Suspension Coil SpringLH40.00
Transmission Transaxle2.5L Auto500.00
Wheel17x7-1/2 (alloy, TPMS), (10 spoke)75.00
Wheel17x7-1/2 (alloy, TPMS), (10 spoke)75.00
Windshield Wiper Motor50.00
Windshield Wiper Transmission50.00