Parts - Results by Source Vehicle
Stock Z-20
Year 2018
VIN 1GCVK************
Body Type 4DR
Mileage 48000

Part Description Price
A/C Blower Motor50.00
A/C Compressor5.3L, opt L8375.00
A/C Selector(driver's), window, Dbl Cab50.00
Air Bagpass, dash75.00
Back Windowfixed, privacy tint, non-heated125.00
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleTransf Case, (LH dash)50.00
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleFul Pmp, (LH frame rail)50.00
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleTmp, (RH under dash), ID 8423732775.00
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleBdy Cntrl (BCM), (under strg col)50.00
Brake ABS Power Booster65.00
Brake Caliper, LeftLH35.00
Brake Caliper, LeftLH50.00
Brake Caliper, RightRH35.00
Brake Caliper, RightRH50.00
Brake Master Cylinder40.00
Differential Carrier Assembly(axl), 3.42 ratio (opt GU6)350.00
Electrical Fuse BoxID 8407577775.00
Electrical Starter Motor65.00
Engine Ignition ComputerEle Cntrl Mod, (LH front ENG comp), *Ve75.00
Frame Trailer HitchAFTERMARKET100.00
Front Door Glass, LeftDbl Cab, LH75.00
Front Door Window Regulator, Leftelectric, LH50.00
Front Door, RightDbl Cab, RH Silver Paint Code: GAN650.00
Front Drive Shaft (4WD)5.3L75.00
Front Seat*Bag Blown - Parts*(bckt and bnch), seaN/A
Front Seat(bckt and bnch), seat opt AZ3, ctr, (st100.00
Front Seat, Left(bckt and bnch), seat opt AZ3, LH, clot150.00
Front Suspension Control Arm Upper, LeftLH65.00
Front Suspension Spindlecast iron (knu), (stpd steel lower cntr75.00
Front Suspension Strut, LeftLH75.00
Fuel TankDbl Cab,100.00
Fuel Tank Pumppmp assy, (tnk mnted), Dbl Cab100.00
Instrument PanelBlack250.00
Liftgate, Decklid, or Tailgate*w/o Hi Desert Package; open and close650.00
Misc ABS Brake Parts(assy, 4 whl ABS), w/o hybrid100.00
Pickup Box6 Ft 6" box Silver Paint Code: GAN **Ne1,250.00
Rear Axle5.3L, 3.42 ratio (opt GU6), 9.5" ring g850.00
Rear Door Glass, LeftDbl Cab, privacy tint (opt AKO), LH65.00
Rear Door Window Regulator, LeftLH50.00
Rear SeatBlack ClothN/A
Rear Suspension Leaf Spring75.00
Rear Suspension Leaf Spring75.00
Seat Belt MotorLH- W/TRACKS75.00
Seat Belt MotorRH- W/TRACKS75.00
Steering Column(col shft), tlt (opt N33) No/Key100.00
Transfer Casetransf case opt NQH, ID APN300.00
Transmission Transaxle(AT), 4X4, 5.3L, 6 spd (opt MYC), w/o t2,550.00
Wheel17x8, 5 spoke (opt Q5U)125.00
Wheel17x8, 5 spoke (opt Q5U)125.00
Windshield Wiper Transmission50.00